Places To Visit When Vacationing With Your Family In Aurora IL

dsugbht/ February 22, 2019/ Vacation

Aurora is a suburb of the Windy City, and its nickname is the City of Lights. Its motto is A City Second to None. When you visit Aurora, one of the places you want to spend some time is the Aurora Riverwalk. The city is quite large for a suburb of Chicago, and there’s plenty to see and do there. Here are some of the main attractions that you might want to check out while in Aurora, Illinois.

Do you like blackberries? I love them, and Blackberry Farm is one of the main attractions in Aurora. It currently ranks #2, and I would love to go there. I would get some fresh locally grown blackberries, and I would make a homemade blackberry cobbler, served with vanilla bean ice cream. That’s a southern delight. Of course, many southerners go for the peach cobbler, but I prefer blackberry as my first option. Apple pie and ice cream is delicious, too.

Blackberry Farm is located at 100 South Barnes Road, and it is a place that many local families love to visit often. It’s a great place to stop by when traveling with your family, too. The setting is beautiful, and I can imagine that I would want to frequent Blackberry Farm to get those fresh blackberries.

What else is there to do in Aurora? The top-ranked attraction is Paramount Theater. The address is 23 East Galena Boulevard, and it’s where you go to see Broadway style shows. It may not be Broadway, but people say that the performances are top notch. You don’t have to pay for parking either. One show mentioned in the reviews recently was The Wizard of Oz. It would be so nice to attend shows there from time to time or even be season ticket holders if you lived there.

There are the Chicago Premium Outlets for discounted shopping, and then there is also the Phillips Park Zoo for family fun. Then there is the SciTech Hands On Museum. Located at 18 West Benton Street, the Sci Tech Hands On Museum is another family fun adventure. There are all kinds of great exhibits there, and the facility is over 30,000 square feet.

Have a great time exploring everything that the city of Aurora IL has to offer. Your vacation is going to be full of adventures. I can imagine the locals frequent these places mentioned too, as I can tell you I would indeed with my family. Enjoy your vacation!

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